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5. Founded in 1954 by Ed Sylvis, foundation contractor, Seismic Safety is widely recognized as the premier Southern California Resource for residential Earthquake and Foundation reinforcement. News media, home owners, Earthquake and Seismic experts, structural engineers and Real Estate agents all rely on Seismic Safety, located in Pasadena, California, servicing the greater West Hollywood, CA.


Is your Home Foundation in West Hollywood Retrofitted and Earthquake Ready?

Every homeowner in West Hollywood California must consider earthquake safety. Are you sure that your home can stand up to the next big earthquake? Your home is your biggest investment and protects your loved ones and your possessions. Don’t wait, call us at Seismic Safety with questions or to schedule a comprehensive inspection.

Foundation bolting West Hollywood CA

Over 59 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in House Bolting and Foundation Bolting in West Hollywood

Earthquake House Bolting & Foundation Bolting in West Hollywood, CA

Earthquake bolting for wood frame buildings addresses what is known as “The Earthquake Weakness” – which involves the attachments of the structure – your home – to its foundation. Seismic Safety will send their foundation experts to you home in West Hollywood, CA, evaluates and performs structural and foundation reinforcements that will reduce the risk of earthquake-induced damage to your home.



Earthquake House Bolting West Hollywood

Why is Earthquake house bolting important to your home in West Hollywood, CA?

Recent earthquakes have shown that if a building has weak cripple wall bracing or is unbolted, it may slide off its foundation even in certain moderate earthquakes. We have seen buildings whose Cripple stud walls have toppled over, and the buildings have collapsed and slid. Fallen buildings may catch fire or need extensive foundation repairs to restore occupancy requirements.

Is my Home bolting in West Hollywood at Risk?

The experts here at Seismic Safety are the best in the home foundation bolting repair in West Hollywood, CA. We are the best in house bolting industry and we are happy to help answer any questions you may have about foundation bolting, cripple wall bracing, and other factors that affect your home’s earthquake safety.

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