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House Bolting And Cripple Wall Bracing Altadena, CA

The Importance Of Cripple Wall Bracing Altadena, CA

If you just bought a home in Altadena, CA you may have heard the term earthquake retrofitting tossed around but didn’t know exactly what that meant. Retrofitting essentially is the modifying the structure of a home that already exists. Why would you want to modify the structure of a home that already has a structure? Most homes in Altadena, CA have been around for decades and decades. Therefore, their structure is old school. Nowadays we know more about earthquakes in regard to the structure and foundation of a home than we did years ago. As a result, we know how to make homes safer, more secure in the event of a major earthquake. So it’s important that homes are retrofitted to these new standards so that people are safe when their home is hit by a major quake. House bolting is just one way that a home is made secure to its foundation and concrete. Retrofitting is the process of tying a home together that you want make sure is done by a professional like sylvis who is experienced in preparing a home in Altadena, CA for an earth quake.

Cripple Wall Bracing Altadena CA

Altadena Cripple Wall Bracing: Making Sure Your Home Is Secure

Cripple wall bracing is part of the house that essentially rest right above the mud sill of a home. What they do is support the weight of the house and they create a crawl space. Now, if this cripple wall has stucco or wood siding covering it then it’s not going to be able to withstand an earthquake because it just won’t be strong enough. You have to strength that cripple wall with plywood in order to avoid serious damage that can be caused to it by an earthquake. If you cripple walls are not braced they can and will collapse. How bad would that be? Well, the house would fall. The way to do this is by stiffening or bracing the cripple wall and this is done in the earthquake retrofitting process is it’s accomplished by attaching structural grade plywood securely to the wall framing.

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