Comprehensive Inspections

Our policy is to never embellish or diminish our findings.

Our qualified inspectors do not work on commission.

What to expect

Our project managers come to your property on the day of your inspection to perform a corner to corner inspection of your property. They will personally enter the crawl space; inspect the conditions and take photographs of whatever they find. They will inspect your area of concern and take the detailed information they’ve gathered back to our offices to develop your written report. Your Seismic Safety inspection report will address any steps, repairs or upgrades you can take to protect the longevity of your home.

What you get

Seismic Safety charges an inspection fee for our comprehensive report. As the leading provider in the area of Earthquake Retrofit in Southern California, we choose to work with people that want a qualitative, reliable and defensible inspection report. Our skilled representatives see hundreds of sites each month, and you are paying for their valuable expertise.

We reimburse the inspection fee back to you if you decide to proceed with Seismic Safety for any recommended work.

Seismic Evaluation